🚨 New Podcast Alert: 143 Pixels!

It's here. I'm pumped. You should be, too!


This note won’t follow the typical format. Why?

Because the featured podcast in this dispatch is brand new… like, released TODAY new.

I’ll do a formal issue on this show when Season 1 is complete, but I want you to get in on the ground floor now.

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143 Pixels

I’ve mentioned my friend Bill a.k.a. RunJumpStomp before. He’s a podcasting pro. Hosts multiple news shows: Nintendo Switch Craft, Run Jump Stomp, and StadiaCast.

Today he released another one, but it’s a different angle than “here’s the news…”

143 Pixels is a weekly podcast that explores a single game each episode. The game is chosen by the episode’s special guest, many of whom who have experience streaming, podcasting, or creating video game-centric content.

Bill introduces the game with some history, fun facts, and a quick overview, and then digs into what made that game unique (in both good ways and bad.) Because the guest chose the game, I’m expecting them to be both knowledgeable and passionate!

Episode 1 features Lloyd Hannesson of Nintendo Pulse (another fave of mine) talking about Skyrim. It was a great listen.

Check Out 143 Pixels

Spoiler alert: I’m going to be on the show this season talking about Link’s Awakening DX for the Gameboy Color!

Here are a few other links to listen:

One more thing…

I started a new podcast! It’s kind of silly. It’s a part of NaPodPoMo (National Podcast Post Month,) a 30-day challenge to podcast every day in the month of November.

I call it Backlog Companion. Shameless plug, but I’m committed to it.

And finally some admin stuff…

Video Game Podcasts has a new home! I’m going to start publishing more content here: videogamepodcasts.com

The next email you receive will be from a new provider. I’m moving away from Substack.

Hope this email finds you well. Digging myself out of work so I’ll be back soon with the old format and more regularity!

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